Quaderno di Cultura Tipografica 02.TIF La Tipografia del Seminario di Padova

  • Edited by: Marco Callegari
  • Redazione: Silvio Antiga, Sandro Berra, Leonardo Facchin
  • Year: 2020
  • Editorial series : Tipoteca
  • Pages: 64
  • Images: colour photographs
  • Format: 16 x 24,5 cm
  • Package: softcover with flaps
  • ISBN: 978-88-8435-162-3
  • Note:

    Bilingual: Italian / English

The book

The ‘Tipografia del Seminario’ was undoubtedly the most important printshops in the history of the city of Padua, but throughout the 18th-century it was also one of the most enterprising and richest publishing house in the entire Republic of Venice, and therefore in Italy.
The ‘Quaderni di Cultura Tipografica’ series gives visibility to the contents of the archive—tangible memory of the cultural richness of human craft—preserved in the Tipoteca Italiana foundation. Each ‘Quaderno’ is inspired by objects or documents hold in the Museum’s collections and tells a story related to typography and its protagonists.

By displaying the single ‘tiles’ of the heritage mosaic, Tipoteca highlights and stimulates the typographic culture linked to Italian history.

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