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“Fibonacci” Poster

  • Design and printing: Michael Karner, Stéphane De Schrevel, Thomas Gravemaker, Sander Pinkse, Richard Ardagh, Graham Bignell, John Christopher
  • Format: 50x70 cm (open), 14x25 cm (folded)
  • Note:

    Limited edition (400 copies) letterpress printed from original wood and metal type of the Tipoteca collection

Printed in September 2017 by a team of European printers, this poster is a tribute to the beauty of the numbers (hence the quote in the title of the Italian mathematician Fibonacci, to whom the famous succession is due) useful for retracing the history of Tipoteca through those most significant: its geographical coordinates, the year of foundation and opening of the museum, the date of the oldest press among those recovered (and restored) present in the Tipoteca archive.

Price: 15 €