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Dafi Kühne

BabyInkTwice, Neufels, CH

  • Design and printing: Dafi Kühne
  • Format: 70x100 cm
  • Paper: Carta da imballo, rossa, 100 g
  • Note:

    Letterpress printed in two colours onto 100 g Packtauen Rot from hand-typeset original metal typefaces and hand cut linoleum

    Limited edition of 55 copies

Dafi Kühne is a graphic designer and letterpress print maker from Zürich+Glarus, Switzerland. Since 2009 his studio “babyinktwice” has been designing and printing posters, invitation cards and brochures for music, art, architecture, theatre and film projects and also for products. Dafi combines contemporary graphic design with old printing technologies, embracing the labor envolved in the entire process of creating his artworks.


Price: 90 €