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Celene Aubry

Hatch Show Print, Nashville, TN

  • Design and printing: Celene Aubry, Hatch Show Print
  • Format: 50x70 cm
  • Note:

    Letterpress printed in four colours onto xxx from handtypeset original wood and metal typefaces

    Limited edition of 25 copies

Celene Aubry is the Associate Director and Manager at Hatch Show Print, the iconic letterpress print shop continuously operating since 1879 in Nashville, Tennessee. Aubry becomes the first woman to run the letterpress print shop in its 140-year history. Celene is also guiding the development of additional Hatch Show Print programs and activities that leverage a classroom and gallery, while still carrying on the shop’s tradition of preservation through production, making posters for the customers whenever time allows.


Price: 90 €