Tipoteca | Posters

Armina Ghazaryan

Type & Press, Ghent, B

  • Format: 50x70 cm
  • Paper: Fedrigoni Materica Gesso 120 g
  • Note:

    Letterpress printed in five colours onto 120 g Fedrigoni Materica Gesso from hand-typeset original wood and metal typefaces

    Printed by Tipoteca Stamperia Limited edition of 25 copies

Armina Ghazaryan is a freelance graphic designer with an interest for typography and branding, occasional letterpress practitioner and overall curious person, based in Ghent.
In 2008, she joined the printing team at the Industriemuseum (BE), where she designs/typesets posters using wood/metal type, catalogs the museum’s wood type collection and gives workshops. Armina runs a printmaking studio– Letterpress Corner – based in Ghent where she offers workshops.


Price: 90 €