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Fotografia | Varia|Fotografia

Verdant Venice

Prezzo: 39.00€ (-15%) 33.15 €

Tudy Sammartini

Verdant Venice

Gardens in the City of Water

  • Testi di: photo by Cesare Gerolimetto
  • Collana: Varia|Fotografia
  • Pagine: 184
  • Immagini: 200 images
  • Formato: 24 x 30,5 cm
  • Confezione: cartonato
  • ISBN: 978-88-6322-136-7
  • Note: Edizione in lingua inglese del volume “Verde Venezia”.

Il libro

This photographic book gathers some of the best pictures taken by Cesare Gerolimetto in his frequent journeys to Venice.
Together with the author of the texts, Tudy Sammartini, the photographer sneaked into some of the oldest gardens of Venice: he managed to cross those gates of Venetian palaces which are usually closed to visitors, he went beyond the doors of ancient cloisters and he had long walks along the amazing orti (vegetable gardens and orchards), with the Venetian lagoon in the background.
In these pages you can admire gardens that have remained unchanged for ages and are here immortalized for the very first time: fascinating views revealing the secret spaces of some of the most beautiful Venetian residences.
Short texts describe the charming stories and the most curious anecdotes of these noble gardens